Social web platform (2)


8.) Telligent (ASP.NET)


Your Community Experience, Custom-Tailored

Your organization has unique needs, and Telligent provides the tools to extend our software to suit them, adding business value by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and driving revenue through collaboration.

Telligent Evolution is an innovative social community platform that allows organizations to create applications to help them listen to and engage internal and external audiences.

Built on top of the Telligent Evolution platform are Telligent’s core social applications, Telligent Enterprise and Telligent Community. Telligent applications connect people to people, and people to information.

More than 3,000 companies worldwide leverage the award-winning Telligent Evolution platform and the applications built on top of it to design communities to their individual specifications. With a platform that is open and scalable, you can easily take advantage of enhancements that help your community evolve with the changing pace of social technology.

9) KickApps (XXX)

  The world has changed. Your customers expect to be able to make their mark on every website they visit, or every piece of content they interact with via comments and ratings. They expect to be able to share meaningful content with their friends, and to easily find others who share their views on the world.

In short, they want the Web, and your site, to be more social.

The KickApps Platform unlocks your audience’s potential and makes it easy to build and manage a virtually unlimited set of integrated social experiences for websites and connected devices including custom forums,  social sites, widgets, contests, Facebook pages and video players.

Do more with KickApps, the industry’s first social CMS.

10) CrowdFactory (XXX)
Get Social ROI and Harness the Power of the CrowdCrowd Factory quantifies the value of social media by connecting social activity to conversion events. Launch and amplify campaigns, view social-action analytics, and optimize on the fly. Social ROI made simple, finally.
11) PhpFox (PHP)
phpFox is a featured packed social networking solution. Our goal is to provide your community with features found on major social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace right out of the box. phpFox is built on a platform that gives you full control with your websites layout giving you the ability to easily create a unique look direct from the comfort of your Admin Control Panel.
No Encryption!
You may view and edit the source code of the software as you please so you can build onto an already powerful product.Active Community
Join phpFox today and you will join a very large active community that is there to help you. With over 45,580 members, 217,007 forum posts, 1,437 add-ons and 197 articles you will be able to gain a lot of knowledge about phpFox in no time.Monetize
Monetizing a social network doesn’t have to be hard and we make sure you have the right tools to get things started from ad campaigns, user based ads, membership plans, sponsored items and ability to sell marketplace listings. Learn more
SEO Friendly
When viewing an item like a blog or photo it requires a unique identifier and we use SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) practices to keep content on top of search engine results giving your community a lot more hits.Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
We are so convinced that you will love our easy-to-use product that we offer a 30 Day “no questions asked” Money Back Guarantee.Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect has proven to be one of the must useful tools to introduce a social network and keep users in touch with your site while they are on Facebook as well as easily log into your community without having them register.Scalability
Once your community grows and you need to start using several servers to power it, don’t worry; we got you covered. With phpFox we include the ability to store items uploaded to your servers on Amazon S3 servers for guaranteed availability as well as use Memcached technology to cache data in memory instead of on your server. In addition to all that we also include support for MySQL Database Replication, which allows you spread your database across several servers for an optimized and load balanced environment.

Creating and translating the product can all be done direct from your AdminCP so you can run your community in the language of your choice as well as include as many other languages as you want, which will allow your users the ability to chose what language they want to browse the site in. Keep an eye out for language packages that have already been created here, which will save you time.
The web has gone mobile and so have we. We have included a default mobile theme with our product, which will allow all mobile devices to easily browse your site without all that extra data saving your users time and money.

No “Powered By” Branding
Not a problem, if you want to remove the “Powered By” branding we offer a one-time fee on a branding removal for $49.

Homemade PHP Framework
We developed our core products PHP framework specifically for the needs of powering all the modules we include.

We provide strategy and technology to get you to market fast.
Using proven best practices to deploy online communities and our proven hosted social networking platform, Small World Labs helps you engage customers, employees and members to create ongoing opportunities for collaboration and growing the bottom line.Our unique combination of technology and services includes:
13) Drupal (PHP)
Use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any site you can imagine.Drupal is free, flexible, robust and constantly being improved by hundreds of thousands of passionate people from all over the world. Join us!14) GoingOn (PHP)GoingOn provides a fast and cost effective way to build vibrant online communities. Leveraging the best of today’s social web, GoingOn Community Platform enables academic institutions to deliver new, more engaging models of knowledge management and social collaboration across their campuses, and to their broad network of constitu­ents. The results include increased student engagement, improved faculty productivity, enhanced online learning and broader marketing outreach. (GoingOn_2pager)

15)  InGageNetworks (Web Service)

Social Commerce
What has the power to transform your business: A brilliant idea? Brand evangelists who sell products for you through reviews and recommendations? Knowledge flowing freely among your teams, speeding decision-making and productivity?

These are just a few of the many benefits of Social Commerce, where social interaction leads to business gains like:

  • New revenue
  • Customer growth and retention
  • Product and service ideation

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